Little Limbs, Big Purpose
Monthly Recurring Contribution Goal

Lisa Olson, with her disability, is solely dependent upon her caregivers. As Lisa is in her mid-40’s, all of her friends have family and employment commitments, lead busy lives, and are unable to always assist her on an emergency basis. This creates immense stress and anxiety as well as affects her physical well-being. Lisa has registered with ‘With . The agency charges $22.00 per hour. Lisa requires approximately 84 hours of caregiving assistance, per week. The exorbitant amount totals $1,800 per calendar week. Lisa personally does not have the financial resources to pay the weekly charge. Would you consider donating a one-time contribution or monthly support towards Lisa’s caregiving with ‘With Loving Hands LLC’?

‘With Loving Hands LLC’ enables Lisa to have stability, as the healthcare agency secures the caregivers on her behalf. The overall caliber of caregivers has been significantly stronger. This is a tremendous blessing for Lisa to focus on employment at Regent University, her non-profit organization, and this LLC Little Limbs Big Purpose. Lisa has not been experiencing daily interruptions with ‘With Loving Hands LLC’ caregivers. When caregivers call out sick with ‘With Loving Hands LLC’, Lisa is not required for filling the shifts at the last moment, as this is the responsibility of the healthcare agency.

During this critical time with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is crucial for Lisa to have caregiving stability and not have to worry whether her caregivers will show up to assist her.

Thank you and any donation would be greatly appreciated.

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The contributions are non-tax deductible. They will be streamlined into her LLC, Little Limbs, Big Purpose.